HELLO, METHUSELAH - Living to 100 and
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As science moves toward control of aging, will it bring
Shangri-La, or will it open a Pandora's Box of economic, social,
and political problems? In this thriller, scientist Andrew
Jefferson's research team develops a drug to stop human aging.
Before he can announce it, a radical, Middle Eastern nation
hears of it. Their scientists have found an anti-aging drug that is
also addictive, and they plan to use it to enslave the world  
when people take the drug to stop aging. The radicals send
agents to stop Jefferson. They murder his coworkers, kidnap
his wife, and send him into terrified flight that ends in the center
of a Middle Eastern war.
Updated 20 October 2014
Three barriers keep us from living forever: diseases, accidents,
and aging. Based on solid science, Hello Methuselah tells how
simple steps to prevent diseases and accidents, plus modern
treatment, can raise life expectancy today above 100 years. It also
charts science's progress against aging - progress that is raising the
life-span of laboratory animals as much as six-fold and is pointing
toward drugs to extend human life. Using the rate of past
progress, it projects our possible, future course toward long life.
Imagine being blasted by a 170 miles-per-hour gale at 53
degrees below zero. You are 30,000 feet above the earth - higher
than Mount Everest - in an open airplane. Ice from your breath
blocks your oxygen mask. Altitude sickness fills your lungs
with fluid. And someone is trying to kill you. It isn't fiction. It
is an eyewitness account of bombing missions over Germany in
the winter of 1943-1944. The story begins with a fearsome,
December crossing of the North Atlantic, in which our
four-engine, B-17 bomber, lost in a violent storm and without
radio contact, barely reaches the Irish coast. It continues with
four months of fierce fighting that kills five members of my
ten-man crew and wounds two. It ends east of Berlin, when
German fighters destroy two of my bomber's engines, damage a
third, and turn the plane into a flaming torch, that leads to a
terrifying escape from Germany.
You are a prisoner in the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz. You are to die
in its gas chamber. How can you escape when so many have failed? And
if you escape, how can you cross Germany and the North Sea to safety
in England? This is the crisis faced by Major Andrew Jefferson, an
American flyer,  whose bomber is shot down over Germany. After a
fearsome parachute jump, he flees through perilous forests,  but Nazi
SS troops catch him. Instead of sending him to a prison camp, they take
him to Auschwitz. There, he endures torture and sees thousands of
mothers, children, and the elderly killed, until his terrifying escape
from Auschwitz and flight across Germany lead to a gripping climax.
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