Aging Research Centre reports recent progress on the understanding and control of aging.
CNN Health News has up-to-the-minute, non-technical reports on medicine and health.
Gerontology Research Group has the credo,"Physicians, scientists, and engineers dedicated to the quest for
means to
slow and ultimately reverse human aging early in this century."
Intellihealth, AetnaHealth, in cooperation with Harvard Medical School, provides excellent reports on advances in
prevention and treatment of diseases, together with comments by medical school faculty.
Mayo Health O@sis is the Mayo Foundation's excellent source of information on progress in medicine and health.
Medline is the greatest open-pit mine of information on diseases and aging in the world. Highly-technical articles, yet
it's set up so well that its easy to find information. The biggest problem is limiting your search to keep from being
drowned in a tidal wave of information.
Updated 23 October  2014
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Latest Advances on Overcoming Diseases
Latest Advances on Overcoming Aging
American Heart Association has the latest news on prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and stroke.
American Cancer Society has the latest news on prevention and treatment of cancer.
American Lung Association has the latest news on the prevention and treatment of lung diseases.
Alzheimers Association has the latest news on prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's Disease.
Infoaging News is the American Federation for Aging Research site that keeps you current with many of the
advances in the study of aging.